Small town romance author, Jennifer Van Wyk, delivers a story of unexpected love that's coupled with her signature humor, swoony men, and sweet but sassy women.

I was really an idiot.
How I didn't see the signs is beyond me... but yet, here I sit, holding the diamond ring I tried to place on my girlfriend's finger. Hopefully the whiskey will do its trick and help me forget the last three years ever happened.

I'm such an idiot. Really, I am.
I thought my boyfriend was going to propose tonight. Instead, I'm sitting here chugging vodka cranberries like they're water. I just want to forget the last couple years ever happened.

That's all I wanted.
To forget for one night.
So how did one night change my life forever? I didn't mean to be so careless. But I refuse to let my past affect this baby. Now we need to step up... ​Together.