Gone For You

I didn't expect you. Certainly wasn't looking for a relationship. But, my heart is drawn to you and I can't stop the way it's beating, demanding more.

This distance between us should have been enough to stop me. It isn't, though. It only makes my feelings for you to grow stronger. Deeper.

Not even knowing you're my brother's best friend could have stopped me from wanting more with you.
Too bad the universe has other plans.

You say that you'll stop at nothing to make me yours.
But, our pasts have a way of sneaking up on us.

I hope I'm strong enough to withstand the hurt.

Because my heart... it's gone for you.

Gone for You is the first book in the All For You series. Each book is a complete standalone with interconnected characters. Gone For You is a brother's best friend, sweet and sizzling small town romance.